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Our Company

Hi-Style Manufacturing Company has been based in Hong Kong since it was established in 1976, focusing on exceling as a private label clothing manufacturer and accessory sourcing specialist for retailers and brands worldwide.

Our Clients

Our clients are some of the most demanding clothing retailers in the world. Spanning across the European Union to the Middle East and Australia, some of our clientele from all over the world have been working with us for over 20 years and counting.

Our Service

Our staff are all based in Hong Kong and across China, spanning from our head office to our production sites. With our team of well-experienced staff of garment merchandisers, fashion designers, logistic and quality control personnel, our clients and their orders are always in safe hands.

International Clothing Manufacturer

With our location, we boast the advantage of being right at the doorstep of our production sites as well as being at the heart of a vibrant, multicultural hub that connects the east and west together.

We are a clothing manufacturer for fashion, covering ladies, men’s and children’s clothing. Our main product areas for sourcing consist of nightwear, loungewear, sportswear and intimate apparel, and we provide sourcing in both knitted and woven apparel in all of our product areas. Our specialist sourcing also includes clothing accessories such as home footwear, socks, bags and hats that sit alongside our core product categories as well.

As a leading clothing manufacturer for fashion apparel based in Hong Kong, we work with a wide variety of private label clothing brands worldwide to build their vision from start to finish. Whether it be assisting with research and development to providing them with practical supply chain solutions, our team tailors their broad experience and comprehensive knowledge to fit each of our clients’ needs and ensure a smooth operation for all.


Clothing Manufacturing Experience

Over the past 40 years, as a specialised China clothing manufacturer, we have constantly adapted to costs, products, as well as manufacturing relocations, to keep up with ever-changing, new and developing trends within fashion, sourcing and production. Over the many years, we have evolved our business as a clothing manufacturer for apparel retail in China to expand from Guangdong and beyond into further provinces such as  Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang.

With our experience, we strive to be at the forefront of emerging advancements on all aspects of private label clothing manufacturing. Our goal is to use our expertise to set our clients apart, and into the lead with each garment, every single time. With our vast experience as a China clothing manufacturer  for numerous apparel retailers worldwide, we understand and appreciate the different needs of all the markets we serve.


Our Values

Whether they are familiar faces or new partnerships, for all our clients, we strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the journey as well as the final product. Our team aims to sustain straightforward and steady operations with our clients through clear communication, confidence and trust throughout the process. With transparency and reliability, we ensure that our customers are happy and keep coming back, time and time again!

At Hi-Style, we value the importance of maintaining our relationships with all our clients where we are their preferred private label clothing manufacturer.  During our time working with them, we pride ourselves in knowing that we have been, and will continue to be, an integral part to our clients’ apparel sourcing supply chains. With over 20 years of working relations, we endeavour to continue fostering these strong friendships whilst forging new, emerging connections for years to come.


Our Clothing Manufacturer Servicing

At Hi-Style and as one team, we work together to ensure all orders are on time and always meet the highest standards possible.

For all our customers, our team offers support and guidance throughout the whole process to build their vision. We conduct thorough trend research to give our clients clear direction each season before diving into sample development and bulk production. With our network spanning from the international hub of Hong Kong to China, our team and their expertise provide our clients easy access to get their products manufactured in China. Our highly-qualified merchandisers and QC liaise with multiple production sites to ensure excellent quality and prompt delivery for every order.

As a clothing manufacturer for fashion apparel, our factories are in compliance with the required ethical and safety standards as demanded by all quality retailers. Our production staff and QC team also follow standard procedures to ensure final products are manufactured at the highest standards in a safe and secure working environment. From development to production, we aim to give you peace of mind, knowing that all requirements have been fulfilled throughout the whole private label clothing manufacturing process.

For each order, minimum order quantities (MOQs) may vary based on the product and style required, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.

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OUR Products

As one of the best clothing manufacturers for apparel retail and fashion accessories, we offer all our products in ladies, mens and children’s sizes. We handle knitted and woven items as part of our product ranges, working with a wide variety of compositions, fabrics and technology to suit our clients’ needs. 

Our clothing range includes:

We supply on a private label basis, to all retail categories of various price points. From department stores, specialty retailers, discounters, supermarkets, mail order to internet retailers, we welcome retailers of all different price ranges to work with us. We also count various importers and wholesalers in several countries amongst our clients who we continue to have long, fruitful partnerships with.

Our Values


As a top clothing manufacturer for fashion, Hi-Style is committed to providing you with high quality products at reasonable, competitive prices that you will not find anywhere else without compromising on the quality of service.

From design to manufacturing, we believe all our clients deserve the highest level of service throughout the whole process with us.  No matter the amount of development or the progression, our team ensures our customers are consistently met with superb, professional service and clear communication at every step of our working partnership.

With our core values of reliability and dependability, we are known for taking the initiative in our commitment to serve our clients to the highest standard. This includes being a clothing manufacturer for sportswear apparel brands. We prioritise our clients’ needs by being transparent throughout, providing continuous support, and understanding what our clients require from us. We go that extra mile to ensure all their orders are completed to the utmost quality, and shipped on time.

Our success as a clothing manufacturer for fashion apparel is due to our close attention to detail, supportive staff and consistently high-quality service. Our company is built on our well-founded trust and direct communication with our clients. At Hi-Style, we are dedicated to ensuring that as our client, you only receive the best of the best from us; outstanding price, excellent service and quality products. This makes us your preferred private label clothing manufacturer.

With Hi-Style on your side, you will be more than satisfied and sure of successful sales for you and your clients, in-store and online, season after season.


Our staff consists of a well-established team of apparel merchandisers, logistic personnel, in-house fashion designers, and garment quality controllers located across Hong Kong and China. Whether it is a design query or providing production solutions, through our team, Hi-Style, as a leading clothing manufacturer for fashion apparel offers all our clients over 40years of industry experience, knowledge and contacts which they can tap into immediately.

With our team, you will be certain that our skills and connections will provide you with ample support to source our specialist product offerings. Our extensive sourcing and production knowledge in the private label clothing manufacturing market means our clients get fast access to the best sourcing opportunities and latest innovative advancements to help them stay on top of their game.

As your China clothing manufacturer for fashion, not only is our vast expertise at your disposal, but you are also assured of high quality and utmost transparency throughout all stages of development once we are a part of your supply chain. Our inspection team follows the Accepted Quality Level (AQL) 2.5 standards, whilst routine inspections on fabric, accessory, inline and bulk production are carried out by our production team and quality control staff at our manufacturing sites on all orders.

Our main focus is to take away from you the hassle of doing business in China. With us, there is no need to worry about communicating and negotiating with factories. By using our local knowledge, presence and contacts, we are here to offer you top-quality clothing at the best, competitive prices. We are your private label clothing manufacturer partner that helps you get what you want, and when you want it, from start to finish.

After all, we are only as good as the last order shipped!

Global Supply Chain

Our goal is to be an essential part of your global apparel sourcing supply chain, becoming one of the most trustworthy and reliable private label clothing manufacturers for all your apparel and accessory needs. As the vital link between retailers and production, we understand the importance and value of our clients having reliable, high quality sourcing connections that we provide with our services as a clothing manufacturer for apparel retail.

Through our team and vast connections, our extensive network of information, processes and resources, is available for all our clients to use at their disposal to source and produce high-quality products. By using our services, our clients no longer need to deal with the troubles of the supply chain. We aim to provide all our clients with as much efficiency and ease within our operations as possible, and ensure the final product is just as high in quality, as it is in our service.

Currently, we supply various retailers in several price categories. Along with our core private label retail brands, we also count department stores, supermarkets, mail order, e-commerce, and clothing discount retailers as part of our clientele. We are also a preferred clothing manufacturer for sportswear apparel brands.  Our clients are based all over the world, including UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US, making Hi-Style a leading China clothing manufacturer for apparel retail, and a confident addition to any retailers’ apparel supply chain.

With our experience spanning over 40 years, our team is dedicated to providing the very best service for our clients. With Hi-Style on your side, as a clothing manufacturer for fashion, we assure you can enjoy the numerous benefits of manufacturing in China that our clients enjoy as part of their apparel supply chains.

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Our Team

Season by season, the Hi-Style team travels regularly to meet clients in Europe, UK, and other regions, as well as to our numerous production sites to work alongside our manufacturing staff. Not only do they ensure that quality standards are upheld throughout their visits to manufacturing sites, but these trips help cement the transparency and manage successful partnerships between all.

Our CEO has always been in the apparel manufacturing industry, and is passionate about becoming a part of your apparel supply chain. His profile can be found here on LinkedIn.

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Our team is also dedicated to researching the latest trends. By visiting stores, exhibitions and areas of inspiration during their travels, our team seasonally produces in-depth research that covers local and international sources.

As always, with all new research and trends, these are shared with our clients. We do the ground work for our clients so they do not have to, and we work to inspire and enable them to always stay ahead of the game and of their competitors by partnering with a leading private label clothing manufacturer.

Our team is always happy to help you out, both in person at our Head Office in Hong Kong or via email or a phone call from wherever you are. Our showroom boasts the latest styles in sleepwear, loungewear, sportswear, athleisure, socks and home footwear with an array of fabrics and designs across our entire product range to inspire all our clients. Whether you are looking for some designs for next season, or need some support in handling production orders, the Hi-Style team has you covered.

Our team also travels to showcase our company and our own products through sourcing fairs in Europe and overseas where we promote ourselves as a reliable clothing manufacturer for apparel retail. Be sure to look out for the team at some of the largest apparel sourcing trade shows around the world!

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Whether you need some quotes, require a couple of designs that need producing, or would like more information from us about our products, we would love to hear from you.

Please leave us a message in the enquiry form in the link below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.