If you are in the market for a fashion accessory manufacturer then you need to speak with us today. 

We have everything from socks to beanies to hats to gloves, eye masks, hot water bottles, with matching covers to your sleepwear range, plus a line of home footwear covering slippers, booties, moccasins, and mules you will not believe. 

Oh, and did we mention we can now also offer home textiles such as throws, blankets, and bedding sets? So whether you are looking for something for your winter, or summer range we should be your preferred private label manufacturer.


Socks for Women

1 AS 1240 rev 9 nov18
AS 1240
2 AS 1059 rev 9 nov18
AS 1059
3 AS 0847 rev 9 nov18
AS 0847
4 AS 1077 rev 9 nov18
AS 1077
5 AS 1146 rev 9 nov18
AS 1146
6 AS 1246 rev 9 nov18
AS 1246
7 AS 129294% Acry 6% Poly rev 9 nov18
AS 1292
8 AS 1284 rev 9 nov18
AS 1284

Socks for Kids

1 AS 1104 99% Poly 1% Elast rev 9 nov18
AS 1104
2 AS 0965 rev 9 nov18
AS 0965
3 AS 1286 55% Poly 35% Polyamide 5% Acry 5% Spand rev 9 nov18
AS 1286
4 AS 1295 75% Poly 23% Nylon 2% Elast rev 9 nov18
AS 1295
5 AS 0962 rev 9 nov18
AS 0962
6 AS 0963 rev 9 nov18
AS 0963
7 AS 0056 Kids' 100% Poly Pink Rabbit Boots rev 9 nov18
AS 0056
8 AS 0057 Kids' 100% Poly White Panda Boots rev 9 nov18
AS 0057


Footwear for Women

1 AS 0178 100% polyester knitted slipper-resize
AS 0178
2 AS 0395 Ladies 100% Polyester2 AS 0395 Ladies 100% Polyester
AS 0395
3 AS 0389 Ladies 100% Polyester
AS 0389
4 AS 0427
AS 0427
5 AS 0981
AS 0981
6 AS 0978
AS 0978
7 AS 0394 Ladies 100% Polyester
AS 0394
8 AS 0241 Ladies' Cable Knit Mule Slippers with Pom Pom
AS 0241

Footwear for Men

1 AS 1256(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1256
2 AS 1261(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1261
3 AS 1259(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1259
4 AS 1263(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1263
5 AS 1264(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1264
6 AS 1258(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1258
7 AS 1262(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1262
8 AS 1265(Deatils) 9 nov18
AS 1265

Footwear for Kids

1 AS 1173B(Front) 1 rev 9 nov 18
AS 1173B
2 AS 1173A(Front) 1 rev 9 nov18
AS 1173A
3 AS 1175 1 rev 9nov18
AS 1175
4 AS 1120(Front)
AS 1120
5 AS 1121
AS 1121
6 AS 1122A(Pink) , AS 1122B(Grey)
AS 1122
7 AS 1151 100% Polyester
AS 1151
8 AS 1155 100% Polyester
AS 1155

Blankets and Ponchos

1 AS 1072 100% Poly flannel fleece 280gsm rev 9 nov18
AS 1072
2 AS 1315 rev 9 nov18
AS 1315
3 AS 1316 rev 9 nov18
AS 1316
4 AS 1076 (website) rev 9 nov18
AS 1076
5 AS 1071 (website) rev 9 nov18
AS 1071
6 AS 1314 rev 9 nov18
AS 1314
7 LS 3348 Ladies poncho 100%poly flannel fleece 280gsm rev 9 nov18
LS 3348
8 LS 3085 rev 9 nov18
LS 3085

Beanies & Hats

Beanies & Hats for Women

1 AS 1028
AS 1028
2 AS 1044
AS 1044
3 AS 1048
AS 1048
4 AS 1018
AS 1018
5 AS 1035(website)
AS 1035
6 AS 1057
AS 1057
7 AS 1040 (website)
AS 1040
8 AS 1042 (website)
AS 1042

Beanies & Hats for Kids

1 AS 0740 rev9 nov 18
AS 0740
2 AS 0741 rev9 nov 18
AS 0741
3 AS 0765 rev 9 nov18
AS 0765
4 AS 0780 rev 9 nov18
AS 0780
5 AS 0764 9 nov 18
AS 0764
6 AS 1043 rev9 nov 18
AS 1043
7 AS 1082 rev9 nov18
AS 1082
8 AS 1083 rev 9 nov 18
AS 1083

Fashion Accessories 

Our sleepwear capabilities matched with our experienced fashion accessory merchandising and production team sets us apart from the competition. We offer excellent customer service, ensuring that you are always happy with your experience working with us. So if you’re looking for high-quality clothing accessories for your brand at an affordable price, reach out to us today.


Socks are an often overlooked, but essential clothing accessory. And when it comes to finding the perfect sock for every occasion, Hi-Style Manufacturing Company is your best bet. We carry socks for every season, from the basics to custom socks, in a variety of different styles and colors. So whether you’re looking for a woolen sock to keep your feet warm during the winter, or some funky novelty socks, we are ready to be your go-to private label sock manufacturer.

For children, our socks come with anti-slip finishing on the bottom. Our minimum orders on socks are 2000 pairs per design per color, and we can supply eco-friendly and recycled socks produced at compliant factories who can provide recognized sock industry certificates.

Need some design input for your sock collection. No worries, our professional design team has the experience and creativity to provide you with options to choose from.

Holiday Gift Sets

One of the great things about working with Hi-Style Manufacturing Company is that we can help you coordinate your sleepwear and accessories. Matching gift sets where we combine PJs, robes with socks, eye masks, and, or slippers, are a great way to enhance your holiday sales. With our years of experience in the industry, we can provide you with gift sets, whether ribbon or box packed without any hesitation.

Our supply chain is able to coordinate between a sock factory and a pajama factory so your holiday gift sets can be matched and shipped as a coordinated set.  All our vendors come with recognized industry certificates.

Home footwear

As well as supplying clothing accessories, Hi-Style Manufacturing Company is also a leading supplier of home footwear. We have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect slipper or bootie for your home.

Our capabilities allow us to supply you with mule slippers, ballet slippers, sliders, ballerinas, boot, and moccasins slippers. These can be supplied with faux fur, fleece, suede or your preferred material.  As a reliable private label vendor, we have partners in China who are capable of manufacturing a range of home footwear, to the highest quality and at competitive prices.

Our minimums on home footwear are 2000 pairs per design per color.

Home Textiles & Bedding

Bedding is an important part of any home, and with more homes being built around the world this is a great category to be committed to for the long run. We offer a range of bedding sets, throws, and blankets to choose from. 

We work with different materials including polyester coral, flannel fleece, and faux fur. So whether you are looking for bedding sets, or a soft throw to keep you warm on those cold winter nights, we have it.

Our minimum for this category is 1000 sets per item and we can offer you fitted sheets, cover sheets, pillowcases, and throws in all sizes. Send us your requirements today for a quote so you compare us to your current private label home textile manufacturer.

Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, and Hot Water Bottles

Looking to complete that accessories collection. With our manufacturing partners in China, we can produce and supply all sorts of knitted beanies, which can be matched with gloves and scarves. Whether it’s a pompom beanie, cable knit, or something simple and finished off with an embroidery, speak to us about our prices for volume orders of 2000 units and up.

Our hot water bottles can be provided with matching fleece covers to our bathrobes and pj’s enabling you to sell these as sets.  Competitive prices with a reliable production process is something we aim for.

The Latest Trends in Fashion Accessories

Our designers are constantly keeping tabs on the latest trends, so we can provide you with the most up-to-date products. With our market research and contacts with factories development departments, we can freshen up your range with new ideas and designs.

Think socks, beanies, hats, blankets & home footwear of all sorts.  We have you covered in these categories with our experienced accessory merchandising & production team.

With our sleepwear capabilities to match, we can offer you coordinated collections with your sleepwear program for men, women, or children.

Finally, our experienced accessory merchandising and production team can provide you with high-quality products promptly. In addition, we can produce sleepwear collections to match your fashion accessory program. We understand the importance of professional service, high quality, and timely delivery at all times. Contact us today to learn more about our services!