Looking for a high-quality jumpsuits collection? Check out our range of stylish sleepwear including pyjamas and jumpsuits, perfect for sinking into comfort and relaxation. Made with soft materials and high-quality finishes, these pieces will have you feeling your best all night long. So why wait? Get cozy in one of our jumpers today!

Grey White Star sleepwear
LS 3346
Blue Teddy bears Onesie
LS 3357
Black Mix Leopard Onesie
LS 1436
Grey Fairisle Onesie
LS 3564
Ombre Heart Unicorn Onesie
LS 3444
Grey Reindeer sleepwear
LS 3579
Navy Star Onesie
LS 3518
Fur Collar sleepwear
LS 1644
Grey Spot Bunny sleepwear
GS 0482
Ombre Pastel Stripe Unicorn jumpsuit
GS 0541
Grey Zebra Onesies
GS 0526
Lilac Star Unicorn sleepwear
GS 0540
Fairisle Reindeer sleepwear
GS 0551
Ombre Stripe Unicorn Onesies
GS 0533
Grey Koala Heart Onesies
GS 0529
Pink Heart Stripe sleepwear
GS 0217

Hi-Style is a worldwide leading clothing manufacturer and supplier of jumpsuits. From jumpsuits in vibrant shades to textured or flower motifs jumpsuits, there’s one for every preference. And don’t forget to browse our selection of accessories!

Designed for women and kids, our onesies are made with a variety of materials such as cotton, plush polyester and spandex. We offer onesies in a variety of patterns and styles, and can be worn for lounging at home, as pyjamas, or even as novelty costumes!

Our onesies are sold worldwide and are popular among our customers for their comfort, versatility and unique designs. Our products are known for their high-quality and competitive prices, and our onesies are no exception. Hi-Style’s jumpsuits can be found in all major markets worldwide, including Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.


Onesies Offer

Like all our products in our sleepwear range, we offer a broad variety of designs; from bold basics, holiday-inspired patterns like snowflakes, to novelty characters, our onesies are perfect for any occasion. Available in a wide range of sizes, our onesies are a comfortable fit for every body type.

Our fleece jumpsuits are especially perfect for staying warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Made with soft and comfortable materials such as fleece, flannel, and plush, they provide maximum insulation and comfort with added style. Coming in a variety of colours and styles, our onesies are great as homewear and sleepwear.


Check Out Our Wholesale Jumpsuits Offer

Our jumpsuits wholesale offer is perfect for brands who wish to expand their existing product line with minimal hassle. With our range of unique designs in a wide variety of sizes, our onesies are sure to appeal to customers of all age and sizes. We offer competitive pricing, making it easy for our clients to purchase large quantities of our onesies at great and affordable prices.

At Hi-Style, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality products and superb customer service. Contact our team today for more information on our offers and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. With our high-quality jumpsuits, we are confident our products will be a hit with your customers and a success to your business.


Custom-Made Onesies & Jumpers For Sleepwear

At Hi-Style, we also offer custom-made onesies and jumpsuits that are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a specific colour, or you have your own designs that need to be made for your latest sleepwear range, we can produce sleepwear tailored to your needs.

For all our custom orders, our team of skilled designers will work with you from design to production. With our guidance, we will help select the right elements for your designs, and create a sleepwear collection that is truly unique.

If you are looking for custom-made onesies for sleepwear, we invite you to contact us for more information or to place an order.  Get started on your onesies collection today.


Order our Onesies Collection today!

If you are looking to stock up on the latest in trendy and comfortable clothing, we invite you to take advantage of our wholesale offers. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to place an order. We look forward to working with you.

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Onesies FAQ

Our onesies are mostly produced in Polyester fleece but fabrics can differ depending on the design.

If there is a specific material which you would like to use, then please let our team know for sourcing purposes.

Hi-Style offers onesies for women, and for kids. We manufacture various types and colours of jumpsuits.

Yes, we can produce and supply onesies to your design, brand, label, and packing requirements.

We usually require a minimum of 1000 units per style per colour, but take into account that minimums could be higher for some unique fabrics minimums can be higher.  If you need lower quantities, make sure to contact us as it may be possible with a surcharge.

Most of our onesies production is based in China.

Yes, we can manufacture onesies to your styles, colours, designs, and requirements provided.  Please provide your tech packs to enable us to work out costings.

Yes, samples of onesies can be produced as long as sample-making charges are paid for in advance. We require anywhere between 30 to 60 days approximately for these samples to be prepared.

After an order is confirmed and we agree to the terms, we require about 30 days for approval onesies sampling for fit and fabric approval. Once both items are approved we require about 45 to 60 days for fabric production and then about 30 to 60 days for garment production. That means our lead times for jumpsuits can be anywhere from about 100 to 150 days after the order is confirmed. Transit by sea would be extra.

We can usually produce and deliver repeat orders between 50 to 75 days after onesies’ orders are placed, depending on how long it takes to produce fabric and the availability of jumpsuits’ production space at short notice.

All our shipments are checked against an AQL standard of 2.5.

Yes, we can ship our onesies collections to any country in the world as long as there is a logistic provider capable of shipping your cargo from any of the major ports in China, like Shanghai and Ningbo.

We usually sell on a FOB China basis and ask our clients to check shipping costs with their freight forwarders as these keep changing.